Online! NFW2020: 2020 Virtual Symposium on The New Future of Work

Страна: США

Город: Online

Тезисы до: 29.07.2020

Даты: 03.08.20 — 05.08.20

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The coronavirus pandemic has significantly disrupted information work across the globe. The rapid and prolonged shift to remote work from home is producing transformational change that will undoubtedly have long-term implications. The new reality of distributed information work challenges and inspires us to revolutionise our work practices and technologies to support the sustainable and robust distribution of people, resources, and knowledge.

There is an urgent need for the research community to come together to address the challenges to productivity, wellbeing, and society that people and organizations are facing. The goal of this virtual symposium on The New Future of Work is to provide an open forum to explore where we have come from and to suggest where we should go. It is a venue to share timely and novel research on currently disrupted or evolving work practices, to reflect on how past findings shed light on the current situation, and to prepare for a world in which work may be done very differently.

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