BEA-Covid-19: Biomedical Engineering Applications for People with Disabilities and Elderly in a New Covid-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Страна: Румыния

Город: Suceava

Тезисы до: 15.08.2020

Даты: 10.11.20 — 15.11.20

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: oana.geman AT

Организаторы: ELSEVIER


List of Topics

Covers the evolution of Biomedical Engineering Tools

Collections and Analysis Literature Applications

Body sensors and Intelligent Sensors

Biomedical Signal Acquisition

Design Principles for Biomedical Diagnostics for People with Disabilities or for the elderly


Human Micro biome and elderly people

Intelligent Systems for people with disabilities

Sensors for Biomedical Applications

Implants, personalized prosthesis, and rehabilitation systems and devices

Telemedicine and e-Health Tools

Systems for Inclusion and for accessible information

Rehabilitation Systems and “Serious Games"

Biomedical Signals Processing

Assistive Technologies for people with disabilities

Internet of Things and Assistive Technologies for people with disabilities or for elderly

Fuzzy Systems  and Expert Systems for people with disabilities or for elderly in a Pandemic situation

Contributors from different part of the world regarding New Corona Virus and “Special” People

Smart city instruments and payment mechanisms for disabled and elderly people

Focused on different tools, platforms and techniques used for the management of the patients with COVID-19

Smart Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be used in the context of COVID-19 disease

New solution for types of ventilation devices, intensive care devices or other tools

New devices, new disinfectants and new sterilization equipment

Other topics

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