5th Functional Oxide Thin Films for Advanced Energy and Information Technology Conference

Страна: Mexico

Город: Puerto Vallarta

Тезисы до: 11.09.2020

Даты: 26.02.21 — 01.03.21

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: https://www.fusion-conferences.com/conference/121

Организаторы: Fusion Conferences Ltd


Complex oxide thin films are finding applications in a wide range of energy and information technologies, including electron and ion conductors, photovoltaics, thermoelectrics, dielectrics, and resistive switching. Irrespective of whether single thin films or more sophisticated multilayered systems are employed, each of these technologies requires a thorough knowledge of the oxide physicochemical properties, its interactions with the environment and the role of defect/interface/boundary effects that might stem between film and substrate, layers with different compositions or even simply from the grain boundaries. Whilst depending on the technology area the key properties might be different, many of the materials optimization strategies may be common. Therefore, we believe that the discussion between diverse and even complementary researchers’ communities can be extremely beneficial for a better understanding of the crucial aspects that need to be addressed to improve materials properties. The purpose of this meeting is hence to foster the exchange of ideas between the relevant energy and information themes with the overall aim of sparking extensive discussions of the advances that materials physics and chemistry can make in thin film applications.

Key Sessions*

  • Thin film synthesis and growth, defect, disorder in oxide films and heterostructures
  • Physics, energy conversion and storage using oxide thin films
  • Field effect and electronic devices
  • Advanced characterization approaches
  • Emerging phenomena and applications of novel material system
  • Two-dimensional electronic transport and magnetism at oxide interfaces

Веб-сайт конференции: https://www.rsc.org/events/detail/43781/5th-functional-oxide-thin-films-for-advanced-energy-and-information-technology-conference