Doctoral Student SNSF in Political Science [closing 15.09.20]

Страна: Швейцария;

Город: Lausanne

Добавлена: 02.09.2020

Работодатель: University of Lausanne; Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Institute of Political Science

Тип: PhD position;

Для кого: For researchers;


The position is fully funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and forms part of the SNSF Eccellenza project led by Prof. Dr. Diego Garzia. The project addresses the issue of increasing negativity in democratic politics worldwide, through the lens of electoral behavior research. In particular it aims at providing a comprehensive assessment of the drivers of negative voting, as well as its impact on individual-level patterns of electoral participations and party choice. The project links electoral studies with political communication and political psychology research by exploring the connection between changing patterns of media exposure in old and new media, negativity and electoral change in liberal democracies worldwide.

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