High Achievement Bursary for International Students in New Zealand

Страна: Новая Зеландия;

Дедлайн: 02.10.2020


BACKGROUND Established in 2019, the High Achievement Bursary for International Students aims to encourage talented international students to continue their study at the University of Waikato. The Bursary is valued up to NZ$5000 and will be deducted from the full international student fees for the second year of undergraduate study. The Bursary is open to all international students, enrolling in a full-time undergraduate programme, who studied at the University of Waikato in the preceding 12 months. There is no application process; students who achieve a B+ grade average over their first 120-points will be automatically eligible for the High Achievement Bursary for their next 120-points. No application is required. The Bursary will be applied to tuition fees only and is not transferable.

REGULATIONS 1. The Bursary will be known as the “High Achievement Bursary for International Students” 2. The value of the Bursary will be up to $5,000 and will be applied directly to the recipient’s tuition fees after the semester withdrawal date. The amount offered for this Bursary is at the discretion of the Selection Committee and will be based on criteria such as, but not limited to, total available funding, grades, financial need, number of credits enrolled, number of applicants, period of enrolment. 3. The Bursary will be applied to the second year of full-time (120-points) international tuition fees of the undergraduate degree. 4. The Bursary will be awarded to all international students, enrolling full-time in an undergraduate programme, who achieved at least a B+ grade average over their first 120- points of study at the University of Waikato. 5. The Scholarships Committee has the power to amend or vary these regulations provided that there is no departure from the main purpose of the Bursary. 6. The Scholarships Committee may terminate this Bursary at any time, and recoup any funds disbursed, if the holder withdraws from the University of Waikato, brings the Bursary or the University into disrepute1 , or is otherwise not complying with the conditions governing the Bursary and/or the regulations of the University of Waikato. 7. The holder will have the right to appeal against any decision to terminate a Bursary by writing to scholarships@waikato.ac.nz who will forward the appeal to the Scholarships Executive.

BURSARY SPECIFICS 1. The Bursary cannot be held in conjunction with any other University of Waikato funded tuition or accommodation fees scholarship, award, or bursary or , nor can it be held in conjunction with any Education New Zealand scholarships. 2. Students who are required to undertake a Waikato Pathways College programme prior to entering an undergraduate degree will be eligible to be considered for the Bursary, after they have completed 120-points towards an undergraduate degree at the University of Waikato. 3. Eligible candidates will have their results assessed automatically at the end of their first year of undergraduate degree study. 4. The Bursary must be taken up in the two semesters immediately following the period of determination of eligibility. 5. A student who withdraws from the University may (under the provisions of the Fees Regulations) apply for a refund of enrolment fees paid that were not covered by the Bursary. The Bursary, however, is not refundable to the student under any circumstances. 6. Candidates must remain enrolled full-time for the whole year of tenure (that is, the second year of enrolment in the undergraduate degree). 7. Should the student withdraw from any papers, without adding sufficient papers to maintain an overall enrolment in 120-points, the Bursary must be repaid in full. 8. In accepting the Bursary, the student will be deemed to have read, understood, and accepted the conditions of this Bursary, and the Scholarships Policy. 9. To be eligible, candidates must not be coming to the University of Waikato via a sponsoring body2 and not be coming to the University of Waikato on a Guaranteed Credit Arrangement3 or through a study abroad or student exchange agreement. 10. Recipients of the Bursary agree to participate, if required, in any promotional activity and events organised by the University of Waikato during the tenure of the Bursary.


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