Paris – International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH), 12-13 Jan 2021 Online

Страна: Франция

Город: Paris

Тезисы до: 10.01.2021

Даты: 12.01.21 — 13.01.21

Область наук: Социологические;

Адрес: FormaSquare-Docks de Paris, Paris, France (Tentative)

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: Social Science & Humanities Research Association (SSHRA)

Условия участия и жилье: Presenter-USD 350, Participation in Absentia-USD 250, Listener/ Co-author-USD 300, Additional Paper Submission-USD 200 (per paper),Friend/ Family of Participant-USD 100, Online Presenter- USD 158, Online Listener- USD 158


Due to COVID 19 Pandemic, we will conduct an online conference and the fee is USD 158. Please visit the conference website or email us at for details.

Conference Name: Paris – International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH), 12-13 Jan 2021

Conference Dates: 12-13 Jan 2021

Conference Venue: FormaSquare-Docks de Paris, Paris, France (Tentative)

Contact E-Mail ID:

Organising Scholarly Association: Social Science & Humanities Research Association (SSHRA)

SSHRA President: Associate Prof. Marek Matejun, Department of Entrepreneurship and Industrial Policy, Faculty of Management, University of Lodz, Poland

Conference Language: English

Conference Themes: Social Sciences & Humanities

(Vernacular Session, e.g., European Languages, Arabic, Bahasa, Thai, Chinese, Turkish, Japanese, Russian, will be organised for a minimum of 5 or more participants of a particular language)

(Only English language, full-length, original papers will be considered for publication in conference journals)

Веб-сайт конференции: