20 Years of the Human Genome: From Sequence to Substance

Страна: США

Город: San Diego

Тезисы до: 06.11.2020

Даты: 11.04.21 — 13.04.21

Область наук: Биологические;

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Организаторы: Cell Cymposia


The Elsevier conference team take the safety and well-being of their entire delegation and community very seriously. We will therefore be implementing a number of enhanced hygiene and cleaning measures, in collaboration with our conference venues, when our events take place. We will also of course, be following appropriate social distancing measures, to keep everyone safe throughout the conference.

Twenty years after publication of the first draft human genome sequence, scientists have made enormous strides in decoding who we are—what makes us human, who our ancestors were, how we vary at the molecular level, and what goes wrong with our genomes in disease. The road from a draft sequence to a solid understanding of the broader human genome has been rife with obstacles, however, and plenty remain. This conference will celebrate the immense progress made in sequencing and understanding the human genome over the past two decades, while simultaneously looking forward to the work left to be done to unravel its vast complexities, variability, and regulation in health and disease.

This conference will bring together computational and experimental geneticists to discuss the latest research in human genetics and genomics. The meeting will span advances in sequencing and genomics technologies to the cataloguing of global variation in genome sequence and gene expression as well as cover insights into the genetic etiology of human development and disease to prospects for predictive or interventional genomic medicine.

Our topics will include:-
• Human genome sequencing—progress and obstacles
• Genetics of the human condition—insights into human biology and genetic variation
• Genetic architecture of human disease
• Multi-omics for medicine
• Prospects for genomic medicine

This comprehensive program will unite computational and experimental geneticists with innovators in genomic medicine to share their collective knowledge—spanning genomic technology, genetic disease, and clinical implementation—to envision the future of human genetic research and innovation.

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