Research Fellow in Biophysical Analysis of Protein-Glycan Macromolecular Complexes [closing 25.10.20]

Страна: Великобритания;

Город: Leeds

Добавлена: 01.10.2020

Работодатель: School of Biomedical Sciences, in collaboration with the Molecular and Nanoscale Physics Group at the School of Physics and Astronomy in Leeds.

Тип: PostDoc vacancy;

Для кого: For researchers;

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Дедлайн подачи: 25.10.2020


The polysaccharide hyaluronan is present in all mammalian tissues dictating their elasticity, hydration, permeability and biological functions, such as in development, reproduction and inflammation. This project aims to understand how cross-linking proteins organise extracellular matrices made from hyaluronan, a process that enables these diverse functions.

You will develop and apply methods based on atomic force microscopy, and other biophysical techniques, to study the biophysical and biomechanical characteristics of hyaluronan and its cross-linking nodes at the molecular and supramolecular level. This will provide exceptional career development opportunities for the interested applicant in the emerging area of glyco-biophysics.

You must have a PhD or be close to completion in the physical or biological sciences, or a related discipline. You will be a highly motivated individual with extensive experience in the analysis of biomolecules and their interactions by atomic force microscopy and other biophysical techniques, and in working across disciplines such as soft matter physics and biology.

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