Two PhD scholarships in Social Data Science [closing 01.11.20]

Страна: Дания;

Город: Copenhagen

Добавлена: 27.10.2020

Работодатель: University of Copenhagen

Тип: PhD position;

Для кого: For researchers;

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Дедлайн подачи: 01.11.2020


DISTRACT is an interdisciplinary research project financed an ERC Advanced Grant. Bringing together an interdisciplinary team and drawing on SODAS’ broad social data science expertise, DISTEACT explores the political economy of distraction in digitized Denmark in order to break new empirical, methodological and theoretical ground in the social scientific study of attention. Combining new data science techniques, including text mining, machine learning, and natural language processing, with classic social science methods such as randomized experiments, social network analysis and ethnographic fieldwork, DISTRACT thus collects, integrates and analyses qualitative and quantitative data on the nature and the dynamics of attention in the world’s most digitized country. The projects is divided into four work packagers, each of which involve collaborations private and public partners including LEGO and Foreningen Folkemødet: WP1: Attention Politics, WP2: Software Developers, WP3: Digital Detox and WP 4; Digital Media in Schools. 

Co-funded by a Data + grant from UCPH, the first PhD project will join the WP #1 team, which is currently comprised by PI Prof Morten Axel Pedersen (anthropology/SODAS), Dr. Hjalmar Bang Carlsen (sociology/SODAS), PhD student Anne Helene Grothe-Møller (SODAS) and a number of research and student assistants. Within the overarching theme of political attention, the project will explore questions such as issue publics, event studies and the political-economy of digital attention. In methodological terms, the project will focus on the computational collection, storage, processing, and analysis of unstructured data from social media and other digital and non-digital sources, including not least ethnographic fieldnotes.

A second PhD researcher will join the WP # 3 team, which is also comprised by Co-PI Professor Sune Lehmann (DTU/SODAS), Co-PI Dr. Kristoffer Albris (anthropology/SODAS), Dr. Anna Sapienza (SODAS) and one or more student assistants. The PhD researcher will be doing research on attention technologies and practices in relation to how people seek to limit and/or control their digital consumption and screen usage. Methodologically, the PhD researcher will first of all deploy social data science and computational techniques and methods to study digital detox as a matter of concern in society, and how people carry out detoxing practices. In addition, the candidate is expected to partake in qualitative and ethnographic data collection and analysis in collaboration with the rest of the work package team. Finally, the PhD researcher is expected to contribute to the execution and preparation of ongoing data collection experiments that use smart wearables to track how people manage their attention towards digital devices on a daily basis.

Applicants must have a background in sociology, psychology, economics,  political science, anthropology, computational social science, cognitive science, natural language processing or a related field, and have experience with the collection, processing and analysis of quantitative - and ideally also qualitative – digital data. Experience with and openness to working in an interdisciplinary research environment is preferred.

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