Embassy of Finland calls for applications

Страна: Украина;

Дедлайн: 14.02.2021

Веб-сайт: finlandabroad.fi


 LCF are required to conduct an independent audit. Audit costs can be included in the project budget.

The project proposed must have the potential for real and measurable/verifiable impact.

Embassy would like to encourage eligible actors to form strategic collaboration with other civil society organizations, local authorities, private sector aiming at enhancing sustainability and effectiveness of the project.

The projects must be implemented within one or two years.

The following types of projects are not eligible for the LCF of the Embassy of Finland in Kyiv:

  • Projects implemented by Government, ministries or local authorities
  • Projects of political parties
  • Projects where the beneficiary is one person, one family, or private business
  • Projects exclusively or typically of charity
  • Organizing a single event, for example cultural or charity-related, or a conference
  • Humanitarian assistance (funding for that has established channels)
  • UN, OSCE, or other international organizations, international NGOs (INGOs), or Finnish NGOs. The local (Ukrainian) partners and implementing agencies, however, are eligible.
  • Projects that take place in areas currently out of the control of the Ukrainian Government
  • Personal grants for individual persons
  • Loan programs
  • Purchase of vehicles, land, or real estate
  • Repair and construction works 
  • Projects where the main purpose is a trip to Finland or another foreign country

 Selection criteria

The Embassy of Finland underlines the importance of preparing a high-quality project application.

The capacity and professionalism should be reflected in the quality and clarity of the proposal. The most important selection criteria are the relevance and quality of the proposal.

When selecting among the applications for funding, the Embassy also takes a geographical balance of activities within Ukraine into consideration.

Embassy may also prioritize new applicants over those that have recently received the LCF. An NGO can be funded maximum for two subsequent years.

The following criteria will be used to assess the proposals:

 The applicant is eligible for the LCF

  • The project is in line with the Finnish development policy goals and principles  (https://um.fi/goals-and-principles-of-finland-s-development-policy#Development) and particularly thematic focus for the LCF 2021 as specified in the call
  • One or several of the Finnish development policy cross-cutting objectives are addressed: gender equality, non-discrimination (focus on persons with disabilities), climate resilience, low emission development
  • The project's main purpose, activities and expected results are clearly articulated
  • The project's objectives are realistic and clearly defined
  • There are indicators specified to measure the project results
  • Budget is realistic and transparent. Overbudgeting will be seen negatively in the assessment process
  • The beneficiaries of the project and their needs are defined
  • A comprehensive risk analysis is in place and risk mitigation measures defined
  • The expected long-term effects of the project is explicated
  • Sustainability of the activities is considered
  • Applicant’s project management experience and capacity

 Submitting your project proposal:

The file size (Application +Annexes) should not exceed 5 Mb.

Application and annexes are required to be submitted in Word or PDF format only.

Unloadable files will not be considered.

Links to the files to be downloaded will not be considered.

Only applications sent to PYM will be considered.

One applicant can send project proposal only once.

Results of the first round of the assessment of the proposals can be expected by March, 18, 2021.

Shortlisted candidates may be requested to provide additional information.

Results of the second round will be expected by April, 20, 2021.

Applicants selected to the final round will be contacted for an interview after which the final decision will be made.

Selected projects will be contacted for discussions before entering into agreement.  

Please make sure that your contact information is correct.

Selection process schedule is a subject to force majeure reasons that may sometimes cause delays.

An online answer-question session will be organized by the Embassy in late January 2021, the announcement will be published on embassy facebook page in early January.  

For more information please contact: natalya.golova (at) formin.fi

Additional information:

The Embassy of Finland reserves the right to accept or reject any project proposal based on their preferences and on changes in the situation within the country.

Project agreement between the Embassy of Finland and the organization must be signed by an authorized representative of the receiving organization. The signing will take place in Kyiv at the Embassy of Finland unless otherwise agreed.

The recipient of the LCF is responsible for fulfilling the activities the grant was meant, and appropriate financial administration. At the end of the project, the organization shall provide the Embassy with full narrative and financial reports of the implementation of the project, in accordance to the plan and the agreement. In two-year projects, interim report is required.

Project budget should be calculated in UAH and Euros. The agreement will be made in English and specifying the support from the Embassy in Euros. The funding will be provided in the equivalent sum in UAH according to the Embassy's exchange rate at the time of the payment.

Payment of the grant is typically provided in two or more instalments: first after signing of the agreement, second after interim report and last after adequate final reporting has been received by the Embassy.

The Embassy reserves a right to audit or evaluate any of the projects it has funded at any time. The organization responsible for the project shall provide all necessary documentation available for evaluation / verification.