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A Coe education will uniquely prepare you for your future.

And we’re not the only ones who think that... SmartAsset ranks Coe as the number one college in Iowa for return on investment to our students. Through the relationships developed, connections made and opportunities available, Kohawks find that their experience here surpasses their expectations. 

Success After Graduation

  • For many years nearly 100% of reporting graduates have been employed or in graduate school within one year of graduation.
  • Coe was ranked 1st or 2nd among all colleges in our sector in income mobility by The New York Times. This is due in large part to 100% of students completing an internship, research or off-campus study program.

2021-2022 Expenses

Tuition and Student Fee: $48,822
Room and Meals: $10,520
One-Time Enrollment Fee: $300
Personal, Books, Insurance, Orientation Fee, Housing Deposit: $3,491
Total: $63,133


Coe College values a diverse international population and offers financial assistance to qualified students in the form of renewable scholarships, grants and on-campus work-study. Our funds are not limitless and generally students should expect to pay for a portion of their college expenses (at least one half or more).

  • International Scholarships: Merit-based scholarships are awarded based on academic performance in high school and exams such as the SAT. All awarded scholarships are renewable each year for three years. Scholarships range up to $30,000 per academic year.
  • Global Leadership Scholarship (Full-Tuition): Coe College provides one full-tuition scholarship each year to a non-U.S. citizen attending high school outside of the U.S. This scholarship is in the amount of tuition the year the student enters Coe and is renewable for three additional years at that amount. To be eligible, students must be a first-time college student, reside on campus and complete the application for admission process and the separate full-tuition scholarship application. Application deadline is February 1, 2021.
  • Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship: Art, Music, Film Studies and Theatre Arts: If you have a passion for the arts you may audition for additional scholarships in one of these areas: art, music, film studies or theatre arts. A separate scholarship interview or portfolio review is required for these awards. Students must be admitted to Coe before being considered. Scholarships are awarded for students who intend to major or participate in one of these academic areas and valued at $4,000 per year.

Need-Based Aid

To be considered for financial assistance, students must complete the application for admission process including an International Student Financial Statement. Additional financial documents may be required and could include:

  1. Bank statement on official bank letterhead indicating sufficient funds to cover the cost of attendance. The bank statement should be stamped or signed by a bank official.
  2. Affidavit of support submitted by a sponsor and accompanied by an official bank statement verifying the availability of funds for overseas educational support.
  3. Scholarship letter from a sponsoring organization indicating dates, monetary amounts and terms of sponsorship.

Please provide all supporting financial documentation in English.

International Grants

Need-based grants are awarded based on a student’s financial need. Coe cannot guarantee to meet the need of any student. However, need-based grants have helped many international students afford a Coe education. Awards amounts vary based on demonstrated need.

Coe College Work-Study

Work-study awards are a great way to help fund your Coe education while also gaining valuable work experience on Coe’s campus. These small awards amount to $1,800 per year for 8 hours of work per week. You have the option to save this money or apply it to your tuition fees.

Other Awards and Scholarships

  • Sibling and Legacy Awards: Awards valued at $500 and $1,000, respectively. Siblings of current Coe students or siblings of Coe graduates are eligible to receive $500 annually. Students with parents or grandparents who are Coe alumni are eligible to receive $1,000 annually.
  • Iowa Sister States Scholarship: This scholarship is intended for international students originating and studying in any of Iowa Sister States locations. The Iowa Sister States Scholarship is an annual scholarship in the amount of $16,000 USD per year and is renewable for up to three (3) years after the initial year.
    • To be eligible, a student must:
      • Meet all international student admission requirements.
      • Provide proof of current resident status (including citizenship) from an Iowa Sister State.
      • Enroll as a full-time degree-seeking residential student at Coe College.
    • Iowa Sister State Locations: Cherkasy Oblast, Ukraine; Hebei Province, China; Kosovo; Stavropol Krai, Russia; Taiwan; Terenggan, Malaysia; Veneto Region, Italy; Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan; and Yucatán, Mexico.
  • Anne Doyle International Student Award: Through Coe's membership in the StudyIowa consortium, new students enrolling at Coe are eligible to apply for the Anne Doyle International Student Award. This $1,000 award is a travel grant meant to help international students with their travel expenses. The recipient is chosen based on the student's academic record, essays, and recommendation letters. Instructions on how to apply for this scholarship can be found at StudyIowa. This is a one-time award and cannot be renewed.


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