Research Fellow: Nanophotonics & Metamaterials [closing 10.02.2021]

Страна: Великобритания;

Город: Southampton

Добавлена: 25.01.2021

Работодатель: Nanophotonics Group

Тип: PostDoc vacancy;

Для кого: For researchers;

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Дедлайн подачи: 10.02.2021


You will join our highly interactive, interdisciplinary research team, which specialises in the development and demonstration of new photonic materials and technologies based on the understanding and exploitation of light-matter interactions at the nanoscale - see

In this role, supported by major Programme Grant funding from the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, you will undertake research on nanostructured and nano-mechanical metamaterials for telecoms, laser and nanoscale imaging and metrology applications.  

It is essential you have a PhD* or equivalent professional qualifications and experience in Physics or another subject relevant to the field of photonics along with recent experience in experimental nanophotonics, and the ability to work effectively in a team. You should have a keen interest in studying the physics and demonstrating the applications potential of advanced photonic materials and nanostructures.

Experience in photonic metamaterials, optomechanics, super-resolution imaging, or optical metrology research will be advantageous, as will theoretical and/or computational electromagnetics modelling skills, cleanroom nanofabrication skills and experience in the application of machine learning techniques.

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