PhD position on Climate Gases in rewetted areas, Department of Biology [closing 08.02.2021]

Страна: Дания;

Город: Copenhagen

Добавлена: 27.01.2021

Работодатель: The Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH)

Тип: PhD position;

Для кого: For researchers;

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Дедлайн подачи: 08.02.2021


The successful applicant will be based at the Freshwater Biological Section and co-operate with Biological Institute, Southern University. The Freshwater Biological Section covers: biodiversity, climate gas exchange, carbon dynamics in freshwaters and wetland, ecophysiology, ecosystem dynamics and alpine-arctic-tropical research. The section comprises research and teaching of staff members, laboratory technicians, Post Docs, PhD candidates and MSc and BSc students. The section has state-of-the-art laboratory and field equipment and experience in conducting extensive field sampling and experiments.

Project description

The PhD position is part of a 4-years grant from Danmarks Frie Forskningsråd (DFF) entitled “Supporting climate and biodiversity by rewetting of low-laying areas” and lead by Professor Kaj Sand-Jensen.

Changes in carbon retention and climate gas exchange are expected as restored lakes and wetlands develop. Carbon sequestration is expected to increase with coverage of established riparian vegetation. In contrast, CO2 emission is expected to increase, and CH4 emissions to decline, when oxygen supply increases over air-exposed lake bottoms at low water level.

The two main research questions of the PhD project are: (1) How do carbon retention and climate gas emission from wetlands and lakes change as a function of hydrology, time since restoration and disturbance regime, and (2) How do carbon retention and climate gas emission depend on soil and sediment types.

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