How can the rights of young women stop being violated by society in Kazakhstan?

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Kazakhstan is a country with a high level of violence against women. As it usually turns out, analyzing statistics or individual cases as the only source of information causes a lot of information holes. This project aims to reveal the real extent of the level of violence in Kazakhstan, because statistics are often falsified to please the state. Special attention was paid to the comparison of the presented statistics with individual real cases of girls. In this context, the expression "to please the state" is defined as the desire of the authorities to hide real statistics, so as not to deal with this problem in full.

In order to identify the factors that influence attitudes towards women, an online survey was distributed on the Internet for girls aged 14 to 22 years, which was aimed at identifying the general situation in the country. In parallel to the survey, several interviews were conducted to confirm the data obtained in the survey. The results showed a clear discrepancy with the results proposed by government studies, and also helped to identify default situations of violence.

Keywords: high level of violence, Kazakhstan, women, real statistics

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