XIII International Conference on Physics and Technology of Thin Films and Nanostructures

Страна: Украина

Город: Ивано-Франковск

Тезисы до: 10.02.2011

Даты: 16.05.11 — 21.05.11

Адрес: Vasyl Stefanyk PreCarpathian National University Shevchenko Str., 57, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, 76018

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: icpttfn@pu.if.ua



XIII International Conference on Physics and Technology of Thin Films and Nanostructures

1. Thin films technology (metals, semiconductors, dielectrics, conductive polymers) and their research methods.
2. Physical-chemical properties of the films.
3. Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials, quantum-size structures.
4. Thin film elemental compounds for electronic devices.

The invited, plenary and oral reports will be present in the conference work. Will take place poster presentation.

Conference materials (abstract book) will be published before Conference opening. Abstracts must be writing on English (!) and confined more then one pages (two page for invite speakers) (size A4) with figures, tables, photos, the list of literature. All page boundaries should be 2.5 cm with 1 line-spacing using MS Word and Times New Roman font (14 pt.) text. The abstract title should be in bold font 16 pt. and centred. Following the title include one line space and then the authors’ names (14 pt, non-bold) and affiliations (12 pt., italic font).
At use the tables, the signature to put above the table with a centering by a right edge, italics. The formulas must be write at MS Word Equation or MathType. All signatures inside of figures and formulas should be induced by font 14 pt.
The abstract example will placed on conference web-page.
To post address of Organizing Committee it is necessary send:
-    hard copy of abstract & electronic version on CD.
On E-mail address of Organizing Committee it is necessary send:
-      electronic copy of abstract (.doc or .rtf);
-      pre-registration form on each co-author (the electronic version of  pre-registration form is placed on conference web-page).
The copies sent by a fax, are not accepted.
From one author is accepted no more than two abstracts.

For Ukrainian participants………………………300 UAH
For NIS’s participants  ……………... (equivalent 80 USD)
For other countries participants……. (equivalent 150 USD)
Publication fee − 100 UAH.
Account details will publish in second announcement.


Веб-сайт конференции: http://www.pu.if.ua/inst/phys_che/start/conference