The Hub Z?rich WWF Fellow on Climate Change & Sustainability

Страна: Швейцария;

Дедлайн: 12.12.2010


Специальные условия: Level:Graduate Study Subject: Social Business

The Hub Z?rich Fellowship Program provides social entrepreneurs with the key ingredients that are needed to successfully launch a social business.

In order to ensure the impact of the Hub Z?rich WWF Fellow, the fellow will be required to:
* Finalize a full business plan within the first six weeks of the Fellowship year
* Provide a written impact report at the end of the year
* Single applicants must make a full commitment (min. 30 hours per week) to the organization’s development for one year, teams of two or three persons may adjust accordingly
* Provide monthly updates of your amazing initiative (e.g through a video blog, blog post, or similar)
* Pro-active engagement within the Hub Z?rich community

Eligibility & Selection Criteria

Individuals and teams of two or three persons older than 18 and from any nationality are eligible. However, applicants must take care of their work permit for Switzerland themselves.

Please note that the Fellowship is not meant to be an exclusive source of support. We encourage our future fellows to seek or already have additional funding to grow and accelerate. But now the interesting stuff:

We are thrilled to receive applications from individuals and small teams (1-3 persons) who are
* entrepreneurial
* collaborative
* passionate about positive change

The proposed ideas and projects need to
* be innovative
* effectively tackle one of the big environmental challenges of our time
* be sustainable, including financial viability