Economic oscillating systems

The inevitability of economic crises is objectively determined by ignorance of the mechanics of
the “black box” of the economy and the inappropriate market policy. The article shows that the fundamental market process “goods-money-goods” is described with a second-degree differential equation, and, therefore, is potentially an oscillation process. However, in order to implement the economic oscillation processes of the commodity-money circulations, certain conditions have to be fulfilled, which are usually not fulfilled on their own. In order to comply with these conditions, the participants of the commodities market should be organized in a certain way. Cognition and use of the described oscillation processes in the economy allows making its development controlled, predictable and, eventually, crisis-proof. The article presents the main principles of the new science – the theory of oscillation economic systems, which allows developing new highly efficient economic structures. This new science even allows describing and ensures
implementation of new economic processes, for instance, resonant processes.

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