KOLUMB Fellowship Programme for Polish Postdoctoral Applicants

Страна: Польша;

Дедлайн: 15.10.2011

Веб-сайт: fnp.org.pl

Специальные условия: Study Subject: Bio, Information, Technology Level: Postdoctoral

Адрес: Polish Founation of Sciences


KOLUMB Programme Postdoctoral out – going fellowships.Fellowships are awarded to the best young scholars to enable them to stay (from 6 to 12 months) at the world’s leading research centres.

The stipends are awarded for a stay at one research centre, or in justified instances more than one. Stipendees who would like to extend their stay abroad may seek additional funding, on a one-time basis (for 3 months at most), but the duration of the stipend may not exceed 15 months in any event.

To be eligible to apply for a stipend, researchers must:
* hold a doctorate
* file a stipend application no later than 4 years after obtaining the doctorate, which period is extended by 2 years in the case of: men who took documented paternity leave or childrearing leave for at least 3 months, or women who gave birth to a child or adopted a child, based on the birth certificate or adoption certificate

* hold Polish citizenship, or obtained in Poland a permit to settle or a permit for long-term residence in the European Union