European Research Council Grant Schemes in Life Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities 2011

Страна: Algeria;

Дедлайн: 06.04.2011


Специальные условия: Study Subject:Life Sciences,Social Sciences and Humanities Level:PhD

Адрес: ERC


PhD Grant Schemes for the students pursuing  Life Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities -2011

ERC grants aim to support “frontier research”, in other words the pursuit of questions at or beyond the frontiers of knowledge, without regard for established disciplinary boundaries.
In essence, ERC-supported research should aim to broaden scientific and technological knowledge. As such, projects should not be linked to commercial objectives.
Applications can be made in any field of research – including the social sciences and humanities – with particular emphasis on the frontiers of science, scholarship and engineering. In particular, proposals of an interdisciplinary nature which cross the boundaries between different fields of research, pioneering proposals addressing new and emerging fields of research or proposals introducing unconventional, innovative approaches and scientific inventions are encouraged, as long as the expected impact could be significant.