EERC Spring 2012 research grant competition

Адрес: Odessa


Proposals are solicited in the following five areas with relevance to current policy concerns in the Commonwealth of Independent States:
•    Enterprises and product markets
•    Labor markets and social policy
•    Macro financial markets and open economy
•    Public economics
•    International trade and regional integration
Please note: We encourage proposals for policy-relevant research on the border of economics and other disciplines, such as political science, sociology, demography, geography and ecology.
The best research teams will be invited to present their projects at the EERC research workshop in July 2012 in Odessa (tentatively planned for July  7-9, 2012). Heads of projects must attend the workshop in order to be considered for a grant.
Grants of up to $12,000 are awarded to individual researchers or small research teams (up to 3 persons) for up to 18 months. Grant size depends on the number participants and specific budget requirements of the project.