IHS Summer Seminars 2012, USA

Страна: США;

Дедлайн: 31.03.2012

Веб-сайт: theihs.org


IHS Summer Seminars provide an opportunity to learn about classical liberal ideas, such as individual rights and free markets, and apply these ideas to topics in history, economics, philosophy, law, and other disciplines. Choose from 12 weeklong, interdisciplinary seminars that vary according to topic complexity, career path, and academic interest. View the seminar schedule »

Participation is free! Through the generosity of donors, IHS is able to offer the seminars for free. Lectures, housing, meals and books are provided by IHS; participants only pay for their own travel. The seminars are open to undergraduate and graduate students and recent graduates.

A typical seminar day is filled with lectures, discussion groups, and a nightly social. Professors are available throughout the seminar to discuss lecture topics — it’s like office hours for one week! Read about a typical day.

The seminars take place on college campuses throughout the United States. During the afternoon breaks, you’re bound to find a pickup game of Frisbee football or you can just relax. The afternoon and evening of one day of the seminar is free for exploring the nearby town. Learn about the locations and view seminar videos.

Choose a seminar that introduces the ideas of liberty, delves into advanced classical liberal topics, or focuses on a career path. Whichever seminar you choose, you will deepen your understanding of ideas that allow humans to flourish and prosper.

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