Страна: Швейцария;

Дедлайн: 31.01.2014


Специальные условия: For Swiss and all nationalities


*    Up to 25 students are selected from over 700 applicants per year.
     *    There is no restriction on nationality. We encourage Swiss students to apply!
     *    It is free to apply!  No cost!
     *    A financial compensation for living and housing expenses are provided for all successful candidates.
     *    The majority of travel expenses are covered by program sponsors and the School of Life Sciences. Students are asked to make their own travel arrangements and the SRP coordinator will reimburse the amount once the program starts. In general, up to 1,200 CHF for overseas travel and up to 500 CHF for European travel is covered.
     *    Housing is provided in the Lausanne area for the duration of the program.
     *    Students must ensure that they have a valid health and accident insurance.
     *    The working language is English.
     *    Some funding is available for an excursion and/or social event.


How will the housing be arranged?
The program coordinator will arrange and pay for the housing out of the stipend. Because it is
very difficult to find housing for 25 students in one place, we usually use two lodgings. Students
from other programs will also be housed in these buildings. Normally, you have your own single
room and share a common living area for cooking and eating. The program coordinator will
inform you when your housing assignment is made, how to contact them and where it is located.
Money Matters

When will I receive my stipend?
After your housing as been paid for, the remaining money of your stipend will be paid in two
sums: one at the beginning of the program and one in the middle of the program. Housing uses
about half of the stipend leaving approximately 1,500 CHF to live on. Students have been able to
manage on this amount by being careful. It is advised to bring extra money for weekend travel.

Travel Expenses:
Up to 500 CHF for European travel and up to 1200 CHF for overseas travel will be reimbursed at
the beginning of the program. You must have receipts showing the price paid for travel when
you arrive at the EPFL.

You may or may not need a visa depending on your nationality.  Since the procedure varies from year to year, the program coordinator and our human resources office will advise you as to what to do once you are admitted to the program.