GeoFrankfurt2014 conference, Earth System Dynamics‘

Страна: Германия

Город: Frankfurt

Тезисы до: 25.04.2014

Даты: 21.09.14 — 24.09.14

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: Universität Frankfurt a.M.


A Dynamics of the Earth’s Surface • Dynamik der Erdoberfläche
A01  Long-term evolution and extreme events in Earth’s history: climate and
          oceans • ENG
A02  Carbonate systems: recorders of environmental change • ENG
A03  The oceans carbonate system recorded in marine carbonate • ENG
A04  Impact cratering on Earth and in the Solar system: Processes, products,
          and probability  ENG
A05  Young sedimentologists / Junge Sedimentologen • ENG/DE
A06  Land-ocean interactions • ENG
A07  Geology of extreme events • ENG
A08  Late Palaeozoic and Mesozoic Continental Ecosystems – Dynamics and
          Complexity • ENG
A09  Organic petrology, organic geochemistry and mineralogy in basin
          research and applied geosciences • ENG/DE
A10  Organisms and Geology (“Life as a geological force”) • ENG/DE
A11  Micropalaeontological approaches in biosphere research • ENG/DE
A12  “Golden spike” • ENG/DE
A13  Hiatal surfaces • ENG/DE
A14  Integrative calibration of the geological time scale • ENG
A15  Palynology and stratigraphy in deep time • ENG
A16  Maar sediments as fossil deposits and climate archives • ENG
A17  Marine and lacustrine sediments as environmental archives • ENG/DE
A18  Precambrian Geomicrobial Innovations • ENG/DE
A19  Terrestrial paleoclimate archives / Terrestrische Paläoklimaarchive
          • ENG/DE
A20 Quaternary landscape dynamics • ENG/DE

B Dynamics of the Solid Earth • Dynamik der festen Erde
B01  Constraining geodynamic processes by linking models and observa-
          tions / Bestimmung geodynamischer Prozesse durch Verbindung von
          Beobachtungen und Modellen • ENG/DE
B02  Understanding tectonophysical processes and their surface feedbacks
          from numerical simulation and physical experiments • ENG/DE
B03  Deformation mechanisms in the lithosphere • ENG
B04  Claystones and salt rocks: Fabrics, deformation mechanisms, rheology,
          and barrier properties / Ton- und Salzformationen: Gefüge, Deforma-
          tionsmechanismen, Rheologie und Barriereeigenschaften • ENG
B05  Bending orogens • ENG
B06  Continuity and episodicity in convergent orogenic belts • ENG
B07   The first step of the Wilson Cycle: Rifting to post-breakup processes of
           passive continental margins • ENG/DE

B08 Sedimentary provenance and crustal evolution through time • ENG
B09 Active geodynamics magmatically induced? Comparison of
         western Eger Rift – Eifel – Massif Central • ENG
B10 Rates of magmatic processes: from crystal to orogenic scale • ENG
B11 New results on the investigation of European volcanic fields
         • ENG/DE
B12 Mantle dynamics • ENG
B13 Active Tectonics and Earthquake Geology • ENG
C Management of the Earth’s System •
Management des Systems Erde
C01 GIS and 3D/4D-modelling in geosciences • ENG
C02 Urban geology • ENG
C03 New achievements in scientific drilling • ENG/DE
C04 Exploration, evaluation and development of Mineral Deposits • ENG
C05  Innovations in exploration and mining • ENG/DE
C06 Sustainability in mining • ENG
C07 Assessment of geothermal reservoirs in sedimentary and crystal-
         line rocks / Erfassung und Bewertung geothermischer Reservoire in
         sedimentärem und kristallinem Gestein • ENG/DE
C08 Die Zukunft Tiefe Geothermie in Deutschland / Europa – mit oder
         ohne EGS? Die Einflussgrößen hydraulischer Stimulationen auf die
         Geosphäre • ENG/DE
C09 Geothermie in urbanen Räumen  am Beispiel von Frankfurt am
         Main • DE
C10  New developments and applications in high-resolution subsurface
          imaging (ground penetrating radar, s- and p-wave seismics) /
          Neue Entwicklungen und Anwendungen in der hochauflösenden,
          bildgebenden Untergrunderkundung (Georadar, S- und P-Wellen-
          seismik) • ENG/DE
D Open Session and Regional Geology •
Offene Session und regionale Geologie
D01 The evolution of the Alpine orogenic system in the Eastern
         Mediterranean • ENG
D02 Geodynamics of the Variscides • ENG
D03 The Polar Regions in the Earth System • ENG/DE
D04 New frontiers in Tethyan Mesozoic stratigraphy • ENG/DE
D05 Medical geology • ENG/DE
D06 Geo-Outreach – Geoparks – Geoeducation session • ENG/DE


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