Energy security summer school

Страна: Чехия;

Дедлайн: 31.05.2014


The Energy Policy of the EU and its Position in Global Energy Environment

The Department of International Relations and European Studies of the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic together with our partners are proud to present "The Energy Policy of the EU and its Position in Global Energy Environment," a summer school on the topic of energy security.

The summer school aims at thorough examination of both recent and long-term developments, plans and policies of the EU influenced by the development of the global energy environment. The carefully selected lecturers will help the students to unveil the logic and motivation behind, understand the reasons, tools and effects, and to perceive the effect on the industrial and social sectors.

The primary target of this event is to offer to the master and doctoral students of Czech Republic, Central, Eastern and Western Europe and the U.S. the opportunity to study the most important contemporary issues related to energy security and energy policy.

Misunderstanding of differences and specifics in different EU-regions creates unnecessary friction and may result in disputes. Besides the primary goal of providing orientation on energy security framework and challenges to the students, this summer school also aims to encourage dialogue in which the participants can discuss common positions and thus facilitate overcoming certain ideological gaps between different attitudes and approaches to the selected issues of the summer school. Even at this small-scale event we can positively affect the long-term problem of friction and misunderstanding between European Union states policies` and the policy of the European Union as a single body.


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