PKAW 2014 : The 2014 Pacific Rim Knowledge Acquisition Workshop

Страна: Австралия

Город: Gold Coast

Тезисы до: 11.07.2014

Даты: 01.12.14 — 02.12.14

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: University of Tasmania


The purpose of this workshop is to provide a forum for presentation and discussion of all aspects of knowledge acquisition research. In particular, today the study of knowledge acquisition has enormous importance, because the unprecedented data, called Big Data, are available today. Knowledge acquisition aims to extract useful knowledge from vast and diverse data as well as its acquisition directly from human experts.

Knowledge acquisition research is multidisciplinary research, including knowledge engineering, machine learning, natural language processing, human computer interaction, artificial intelligence and the Semantic Web. We invite authors to submit papers on all aspect of knowledge acquisition research and practices. We will also invite submissions that present applications tested and deployed in real-life settings. Those papers should address lessons learned from the development and deployment. All papers will be peer reviewed, and those accepted for the workshop will be included in the Springer LNAI proceedings.

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