Learning and Teaching Foreign Languages in the Digital Age

Страна: Израиль

Город: Jerusalem

Тезисы до: 15.08.2014

Даты: 14.04.14 — 15.04.14

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: ssalawda2012@hotmail.com , ssalawda2012@arts.alquds.edu

Организаторы: Al-Quds University in Jerusalem


No doubt the teaching and learning of foreign languages has undergone a great upheaval in recent decades with the advent of new Information and Communication Technologies in general, and (ICT in Learning and Teaching Foreign Languages) and  in particular. Learners today are not the same as those of yesterday. Today’s learners are totally immersed in technology. They spend significant periods of time in front of the computer wearing the internet with, forums, laptops, tablets and other technological means social networks.


Using the old teaching methods will only strengthen the already existing gap between the learners and teachers, and this especially true with foreign languages. Thus, employing these new technologies in teaching is inevitable for effective results in today's digital world.


This symposium is intended as a field of reflections on the real contribution of the (ICT in Learning and Teaching Foreign Languages) ​​at schools, colleges and universities. Their impact on the results, attitudes, motivations and teachers students etc. .


Researchers, teacher-researchers, PhD students and young practitioners are invited to present their research on the following questions:

1- Is it true that the (ICT in Learning and Teaching Foreign Languages) contributes to   the motivations of foreign language students?

2-Does it make the task of the teacher easier to handle?

3-Does it make learning foreign languages ​​more interesting?

4-How might (ICT in Learning and Teaching Foreign Languages) be used in foreign language classes? What specific teaching practices might be adopted?

5-What professional training and skills are required of foreign language teachers if they are to successfully integrate technologically-enhanced methodologies and technologically-produced resources into the classroom?

6-What is the cost in financial and human resources for integrating technological innovations into (ICT in Learning and Teaching Foreign Languages) in a foreign language classroom?

7-What financial and human resources should we make available to our policy of integration of ICT in Learning and Teaching Foreign Languages?


8-How could the electronic tools used in interpreting and translating be integrated in the learning and teaching of foreign languages.


Please submit 500 word abstract (10 references max) in pdf format indicating the desired response format. Please state name, status and affiliation, contact email address in the message.


Conference languages

French, English and Arabic

1-   Key Lecture of 40 minutes followed by 10 minutes of questions.

2-   Short papers of 20 followed by 30 questions.

3-   Presentations of experiments of 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes of discussion.



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