Cell Symposia: Stem Cell Energetics

Страна: США

Город: Berkeley

Тезисы до: 22.08.2014

Даты: 09.12.14 — 11.12.14

Область наук: Биологические;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: customerservice-stemcellenergetics14@elsevier.com

Организаторы: "Cell"

Условия участия и жилье: $450- $650


Growing evidence shows that cellular metabolism underlies stem cell fate, including pluripotency, differentiation and reprogramming. In addition to generating ATP, through oxidative phosphorylation, mitochondrial metabolism provides the building blocks to support biomass, such as amino acid and lipids, and is involved in cell signaling in determining stem cell fate. Altered stem cell metabolism has been implicated in aging and diseases, such as cancer, and serves as a potential target for therapeutic intervention.

The purpose of this meeting is to bring together academic researchers, clinicians and drug developers working in the fields of metabolism and stem cells to accelerate progress in this rapidly advancing field. We aim to provide a forum for interdisciplinary discussion and promote cross-collaboration amongst experts in these areas.

Symposium themes:

  • Metabolic regulation of stem cell self renewal 
  • Niche influence on stem cell metabolism
  • Energetics of stem cell flux
  • Mitochondria regulation of stem cell fate
  • Metabolites in stem cell epigenetics and reprogramming
  • Altered stem cell metabolism in aging and disease

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