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(Unpaid, Academic Work Placements) 

London is Educational Programmes Abroad's flagship program. We have been placing students in pre-professional internships in the major political, financial, cultural and historical institutions in London since the early 1970's.

Thirty years in, it is still our most popular program location with a range of internship opportunities that are wider and more impressive than ever. We are always keen to expand our offerings and we pride ourselves on our personalized approach. So if the type of internship you want is not listed below, let us know and we will try to set it up specifically for you.

Academic Courses

EPA students will take two courses from those offered by the University of Westminster in London. There are over 700 courses (called "modules") available and full details can be found by visitng the University of Westminster's website. In the summer students will take classes, organized by EPA, and conduct supervised research related to the placement, in addition to the placement itself. This is in order to comply with the requirements set out by the UK Borders Agency.


The first week is devoted to orientation sessions where students spend time discussing their choice of academic courses, learning about their internship and attending a first interview as well as getting to know London and finding their way around.

Internships(Unpaid, Academic Work Placements)
Media, Communications and JournalismBritain is renowned worldwide for its historical excellence in print and broadcasting journalism, and London is a major communications and media center. Exciting and challenging placements exist in television, magazines and related media organizations.Politics and GovernmentPolitics interns work as research and administrative assistants to Members of the Parliament, in law offices, think tanks, pressure groups and NGOs (non-governmental agencies). Interns do not need to be Political Science or Government majors; students majoring in all fields who are curious about politics and have some relevant academic background have gained immeasurably from these unique opportunities.LawInterns acquire a detailed knowledge of the British legal system by working for a firm of solicitors (lawyers). Most of the firms EPA uses are fairly small, general practices. Small firms tend to give students more responsibility than would be the case in larger firms, and general practices give students exposure to several areas of law: criminal, immigration, matrimonial, child and family, property and civil litigation. (Available Fall, Spring and Summer Session 1.)Research InstitutesStudents with very specialized interests may apply for primarily research and writing-oriented placements in research institutes specializing in a variety of disciplines, such as defense, race relations and public policy to name just a few.Pressure GroupsPressure Groups welcome students who are interested in the cause the group promotes and have a relevant academic or extracurricular background. A wide variety of pressure groups accept interns. Pressure groups deal with a variety of issues such as racial equality, domestic violence, women's issues and the environment.Public Affairs & Public RelationsPlacements exist in the public affairs departments of various firms specializing in political work. These internships normally provide a mixture of research, organizational and administrative work.Museums and Art GalleriesLondon's many museums and cultural institutions draw visitors and scholars from all over the world. Museum internships offer extraordinary opportunities to work as research and administrative assistants. Preparing, mounting and publicizing new exhibits, researching the history and background of objects, cataloguing, planning and promoting arts festivals are just some of the activities in which one may be involved. The program is open to students of all backgrounds who are interested in a wide range of museum-related work. English and history majors will find many exciting opportunities in London's rich and varied collection of museums. Placements are selected to correspond to the interests of the individual student as well as the needs of the museum; a detailed knowledge or particular interest in a specific field or institution should be noted in a cover letter attached to the application.Health Care Policy and AdministrationThe British National Health Service provides American students with an excellent opportunity to examine a nationalized system of health care delivery. An international internship presents an unrivaled opportunity to explore its practical possibilities, challenges, benefits and problems. Students find opportunities in London they might not have access to as undergraduates in the US. The program is open to all students, regardless of major, whose background provides preparation for the type of work they wish to do. Internships provide work experience in health care administration, where assignments range from quality of care and efficiency studies to the organization of midwifery services. Students have been placed in the administrative offices of hospitals and health authorities in different parts of London in economic planning, health education and promotion, and nutrition.BusinessLondon is one of the world's most important business and financial centers and some say it has now surpassed New York. Placements are available in a wide variety of British and multinational firms. There is a wide range of business internships to choose from: international banks, advertising agencies and public relations firms, marketing and market research departments, event planning and publishing to name just a few. Students may request business internships not listed here, and every opportunity will be made to secure them.MarketingStudents interested in marketing and market research internships may work in a variety of organizations, as most organizations engage in some form of product or service promotion. Students have enjoyed internships at EMAP Elan and Mindshare in recent semesters.EducationStudents interested in learning about the British educational system can undertake student teaching placements in London schools: infants (primary) schools, junior (grade) schools or senior (high) schools. Placements are available in both the public and private sectors, known respectively as the state and independent sectors. Placements also exist in special schools.Fashion Marketing and MerchandisingLondon is an enormously important fashion city, and the high point for the industry each year is London Fashion Week. Buying, marketing, press and public relations and fashion shows are all exciting aspects of the fashion industry. In the past, fashion students have worked for Zandra Rhodes, assisting in her fashion and museum work.AdvertisingLondon is on the cutting edge of the global advertising industry. Students typically enjoy placements in media buying agencies, such as Mindshare, or in various marketing, creative and media departments at EMAP Elan.PublishingStudents with an interest in publishing have participated in successful internships at Reader's Digest, Moneywise Magazine and in-house publishing, such as at the National Maritime Museum. An internship in publishing exposes students to the fast-moving world of publishing, which can include editing, adminstrative, research and promotional activities.Arts Administration and ManagementLondon is home to numerous private and governmental organizations that support and promote the visual arts, performing arts, and culture in London and the UK. Students may be involved with press and marketing activities, fundraising, event planning, arts education, or resarch and policy activities as well as general adminstrative tasks. Organizations such as the Contemporary Art Society and the Royal Festival Hall as well as art councils and foundations are the focus of this type of placement.TheatreBritain is renowned for its dramatic history and London is one of the great theatre capitals of the world. Students are placed in Fringe Theatres, the UK equivalent of Off-Broadway, where they undertake a wide range of activities, such as set design and lighting, auditions, props, production, box ofice, marketing and promotion.Social Services and Social WorkStudents with an interest in social policy may find that an internship in areas such as housing, youth work, education and work issues, or advocacy for persons with disabilities suits their needs. Past interns have worked for education-business partnerships, the National Housing Federation, the Work Foundation, The Princes's Trust and Shelter.Urban Studies and Town PlanningUrban studies students can learn about British planning law and methodology by interning in a town planning department. These internships are normally in local authority (local government) town planning departments.Tourism and HotelsLondon is one of the most popular destinations in Europe and much of its economy is based on this all-important industry. Students can learn the trade through internships in tourist agencies and organisations, either on the marketing and promotional or informational side, or by working in a London hotel. Students are normally placed in small three-star hotels where they are able to undertake a wide range of tasks and assume a fair amount of responsibility.ArchitectureArchitectural design in London is more vibrant and cutting edge than ever before. Students learn about British architecture from the inside, mainly in small practices where they get the widest possible exposure.Banking and Financial InstitutionsStudents of international banking can get their first experience of global finance by working in some of the banking world's best known institutions: Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan Chase, Mizuho. Banking interns are placed in a variety of departments, such as Compliance, Accounting, and Tax, to name just a few. (For a number of reasons, internships on the trading floors are not possible.) Placements also exist at small private investment firms where students get an in-depth exposure to private banking and investment strategies.Environmental StudiesAs global warming becomes one of the most serious and important global issues, a growing number of opportunities exist for environmental studies students. Placements are available in environmental pressure groups and think tanks.Graphic DesignGraphic design students have the opportunity to learn about cutting edge British design from the inside. Students must submit a portfolio, preferably electronically or on a disc, with their application.Medical ResearchMedical Research internships provide hands-on experience in research laboratories of teaching hospitals. All teaching hospitals are associated with the University of London. Students have done research in respiratory diseases and molecular genetics and worked in prenatal research as well as in departments of chemical pathology, clinical chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology and genetics.Psychology and Psychiatric FacilitiesPsychology and psychiatric internships present the opportunity for psychology majors to gain an exposure and level of experience not normally afforded to undergraduates in the US. These placements can be research-oriented or a combination of research and clinical.


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