Study Courses & Internships in Bonn, Cologne

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Bonn/Cologne Courses & Internships

Bonn and Cologne are the settings for a wide range of non-political internships. Midway through the program, Bonn students travel to Berlin for a special academic and cultural seminar.

Study in Cologne

Cologne is recognised for it's excellent transpost links to the rest of Central Europe, it's strong media industry and favourable economy. The beautiful city located beside the Rhine river can be your new home to an exciting lifestyle and rewarding career. Study in Cologne because the city offers a variety of internships and career opportunities for highly motivated and enthusiastic students.

Study in Bonn

Bonn has a wealth of political history and is unofficial second capital to Berlin with a title of Federal City. Bonn is well established as the meeting point for international affairs of European countries, United Nations etc, and has a thriving private sector. Bonn also acts as the centre for academic and cultural seminars in Germany. Surrounded by traditional towns and villages Bonn is a friendly area where expatriates are warmly welcomed. So if you study in Bonn you can benefit from all these influencial factors.

To get details for applying for a DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) please click here, stipend after you have been accepted for the program.

CoursesPolitics in Reunited Germany (Bonn)An introduction to German politics, with special emphasis on the political parties and the party systems and on the issues of German unity. Other topics include comparative politics with comparisons to the political systems of the United States and other countries.Arts and Culture in its Historical ContextThis course is designed to give students an introduction to the art of the period, relating it to the music and literature of the era. The course will provide an over-view of the most important examples of German literature; reading, analyzing and discussing the texts in German will be an essential part of this course, as are the field trips.German Language (Bonn)A basic review language class. (Not credit-bearing.)