Terahertz and Other Electromagnetic Wave Techniques for Defence and Security

Страна: Литва

Город: Vilnius

Тезисы до: 01.11.2009

Даты: 03.05.10 — 04.05.10



The purpose of this specialist meeting is to review the NATO/PfP coalition ability to make effective use of terahertz and other electromagnetic wave techniques for different applications in defence and security. As NATO gets more involved in asymmetric warfare and peace building operations, the issues of increasing concern are the hostile use of hidden or disguised explosives and other dangerous materials posing great threats both to troops and the civilian population.

Therefore the specialist meeting aims to establish a comprehensive specialized forum to present the most recent results on all topics related to modern approaches in standoff imaging, spectroscopy and non-destructive inspection techniques and solutions.

The specialist meeting will address all relevant topics of terahertz and other electromagnetic wave techniques for defence and security application. It will bring experts of the NATO/PfP alliance together to present state-of-the-art in the different fields, exchange ideas for technology and system development and to initiate future collaborative projects. It will provide an excellent forum for technical presentations and application oriented discussions on the future of terahertz and other electromagnetic wave techniques, their advantages and possible drawbacks in the different areas of application aiming for more efficient detection of hidden or disguised explosives and for other dangerous materials providing new capabilities in defence against terrorism missions.

Particular emphasis will be placed on the terahertz techniques with the potential to resolve hidden objects and explosives as well as to identify such threats by their spectroscopic signatures. Special methodologies developed for particular requirements are expected to have direct implications on neighbouring areas, thus fostering synergy between related applications in different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. The specialist meeting program will include invited speeches by distinguished experts as well as submitted papers.


  • Terahertz wave generation, propagation, and detection issues in standoff imaging and spectroscopic systems
  • Signatures of materials, specifically explosives and related compounds, especially in the THz frequency range
  • Microwave and optical standoff distance imaging and spectroscopic technologies
  • Modelling and simulation of devices and systems
  • Non destructive inspection using electromagnetic waves
  • Advanced solutions in security systems

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