31C3 2014 : 31th Chaos Communication Congress

Страна: Германия

Город: Hamburg

Тезисы до: 14.09.2014

Даты: 27.12.14 — 30.12.14

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: http://events.ccc.de/2014/07/12/31c3-call-for-participation-en/#respond

Организаторы: Chaos Computer Club (CCC)


The Chaos Communication Congress is the yearly conference and hacker party of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). For four days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, thousands of hackers, techies, hobbyists, artists, and utopians meet in Hamburg to learn from each other, chat, meet and greet, or simply to party. We engage in topics focused around information technologies, computer security and safety, the maker and breaker scenes, the critically-constructive intercourse with technology and its implications on our societies.

We’d love to see your submission for these tracks:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Ethics, Society & Politics 
  • Hardware & Making 
  • Security & Hacking
  • Science


Apart from the official conference program, the 31C3 leaves room for community-villages (called “assemblies”), developer- and project-meetings, art installations, lightning talks, and numerous workshops (called “sessions”).

Arts & Culture

One can create art and beauty with any technology, including computers. This track awaits submissions that address from an artistic perspective the societal changes and contradictions caused by computers, robots, and general digitalization.

We’re open to art installations, performances, concerts, readings, etc., that involve past, contemporary, or upcoming technologies.

Ethics, Society & Politics

We’re looking forward to submissions that (without citing Deleuze) address present and future societal, ethical, and political questions that arise from the technization and digitalization of all areas of life. What will the future bring? Which commercial and political interests are in the way of a utopia worth living?

Activistical, fantastical, solidary and commerce-free ideas and concepts are welcome here.

Making & Crafting

In this track, it’s all about tools that allow the digital sphere to produce a physical impression.

We are looking forward to all submitters that make it rain when they engage in cloud-hacking, view e-bikes as a transport-layer, and joyfully forward viruses from their inbox to their DNS-Sequencer.

If you design or abuse PCBs or firmware, or modify your 3D-printer to spit out something other than plastic, and you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, this is your track.

Security & Hacking

For this track, we’d like to request submissions that focus on how IT security can be improved. Topics may cover exploitation of hard- and software-issues, or a combination of both. If you have found vulnerabilities in weird machines, or want to share your 0-day with 10,000 fellow enthusiasts, or if you’ve developed new solutions to previously unsolved problems, then this is the right track for you.

We of course do not just value destruction or exploitation, but also value clever creations of software and hardware for breaking, fixing or enhancing things. However, think about this: If you break stuff, you should try to fix it as well.


We have science to thank for our blinking computers, but not just that—nearly all progress in society and technology is facilitated by science in one way or another. This track features talks that look into progress from a scientific point of view and evaluate what has been achieved by science, whether it happens in research institutions, in universities, or in your back yard.

Besides topics in the social sciences, such as the history of secret services, research of alternative coexistance, or alternative economies, we are also interested in pressing questions of humanity’s growing need for energy, drug-resistant pathogens, or access to drinking water. Furthermore, the big questions are also relevant: Are we alone in the universe? How does life work? How do can I detect an infinite loop?


Assemblies are  places where communities of interest can meet in the core of the congress. They are comparable to villages at the various hacker camps. We will have lots of space again, so larger installations will be possible. The assemblies will be organized in the public wiki.

Веб-сайт конференции: http://events.ccc.de/2014/07/12/31c3-call-for-participation-en/