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Категории: Scientific services · Devices and technologies

TEM images of carbon/silica composites of different morphology

A variety of carbon-mineral composites (CMC), especially carbon-nanosilica and carbon nanoparticles bound to various solid matrices was   prepared using different methods. There are CMC with nonporous and strongly porous carbons with the specific surface area of 50-1500 m2/g. The  CMC characteristics are controlled by choice of precursors, reaction and treatment conditions.

There are several types of  composites:

- mechanical mixtures differently treated;

- carbonized organics at a solid surface;

High-resolution TEM images of  cryo-nanosilica (top) and nanooxide  with alumina-silica-titania (bottom) (scale bar 100 nm)

Department of Amorphous and Structurally Ordered Oxides (DASOO), Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry (CISC) of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine deals with fundamental and applied problems in chemistry, physics and technology of nanooxide materials, nanocomposites, adsorbents, fillers, etc. It includes two laboratories and five groups with seventeen scientists (including two DSc and nine PhD).

Пропонуємо проведення вимірювань ваших зразків на інфрачервоному Фур'є-спектрометрі SPECTRUM BX II. З його допомогою можно вимірювати спектри пропускання або відбивання досліджуваних об‘єктів.

We offer measurements on Fourier transform infrared spectrometer. It will allow you to obtain an infrared transmission or reflection spectra of investigated objects, such as chemicals and materials, pharmaceuticals.

Welding equipment - Model 626 Deep Access, Long Reach Wire Bonder (click to full-size view).

We offer ultrasonic and thermal welding services, allowing joining of dissimilar materials, plastics, wires, microcircuit connections, sheet metal, foils, ribbons and meshes. This type of welding is often used to build assemblies that are too small, too complex, or too delicate for more common welding techniques.

Welding is provided in specialized laboratory on Deep Access, Long Reach Wire Bonder Model 626.

Загальний вигляд скануючого зондового мікроскопа “ФемтоСкан” (а)

Пропонуємо послуги з проведення вимірювань на сучасному мікроскопі ФемтоСкан, що дозволять Вам візуалізувати морфологію поверхні і локальних властивостей зразків із субнанометровою просторовою роздільною здатністю на повітрі та в рідинах.

Пропонуємо послуги з проведення вимірювань на профілографі "Мікрон-Альфа". Такі вимірювання нададуть Вам змогу побудувати дво- та тривимірне зображення поверхні, кількісно оцінити характеристики рельєфу, виміряти товщину тонких плівок, провести металографічні дослідження зразків.

General view of scanning probe microscope FemtoScan (а)

We offer measurement services with fully featured FemtoScan microscope, which allows one to study the surface morphology and local properties with subnanometer space resolution in air and liquids.

We offer surface microtopography research of your samples. The microscope gives a possibility:

  • to render two- and three-dimensional images of surface,
  • to estimate quantitatively relief characteristics,
  • to measure the thickness of thin films,
  • to carry out metallurgical study.
Purpose: development of security system for inspection of content in packages that are transparent in sub-THz spectral region (paper, plastic, poly-foam, gypsum plasterboard, unhumid wood and footwear soles, backpacks, etc.)