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Kyiv corrosion laboratory is founded upon Institute of Surface Chemistry in 2003. The laboratory is focused on process, development, investigation and synthesis of paints and varnishes over different metallic substrates.  The laboratory possesses by the unique equipment for corrosion tests (Salt Spay Cabinets, Cyclic Corrosion Chamber, Humidity cabinets, Electrochemical Station, Programmed Ovens and etc.) and supplies all necessary stuffs for preparation and analysis of paints, varnishes and etc.

Dissociation of ascorbic acid in aqueous solution

Laboratory of quantum chemistry and chemical physics of nanosystems studies the spatial and electronic structure as well as the mechanisms of transformations of organic and inorganic substances at the molecular level.

Methods: Hartree-Fock theory, perturbation theory, density functional theory, time-dependent density functional theory, semiempirical methods, molecular dynamics in Car-Parrinello and Born-Oppenheimer variants.

Objects we can simulate:

- cluster models for solids;

- adsorption complexes;


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