Scholarship and Visiting Academic Programme (Leibniz Institute of European History)

Країна: Германія;

Дедлайн: 01.02.2016

Тип гранту: Стипендії;


Область наук: Исторические и археология;


The Leibniz Institute of European History (IEG) awards research scholarships and fellowships to young academics (doctoral and postdoctoral researchers) from Germany and abroad. The Institute also hosts the holders of scholarships from other funding organizations as visiting researchers, for example the holders of scholarships from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the German Academic Exchange Service.

The scholarship programme of the IEG combines research, training and international networking. The Institute enables its scholarship holders and fellows to pursue their own research project without distractions. It also offers a forum for international discussion in which they can refine the methods and questions of interdisciplinary research on European history. The scholarship holders get the opportunity to attain qualifications parallel to their research by – depending on their discipline and interests – collaborating in the varied academic activities that occur at the Institute. Through exchange with the international partner institutions of the Institute, they can integrate into the European historical research network.

Funding is provided for both doctoral and postdoctoral research dealing with the religious, political, social and cultural history of Europe between about 1450 and about 1970. Comparative, transnational and transfer-historical research projects are particularly welcome, as are projects which deal with topics of intellectual, church or theological history.

If they wish, scholarship holders and fellows can collaborate with the academic staff of the IEG in the Institute’s research areas. Each scholarship holder is assigned a contact person from among the academic staff of the IEG who can offer them advice and mentoring.

Research projects must be at least six months in duration in order to avail of IEG funding. Scholarship holders and fellows reside and work in the Institute building in Mainz. The specialist library of the Institute and the other infrastructure that Mainz has to offer as an academic centre are available to the scholarship holders and fellows to conduct their research. The duty to reside at the Institute does not preclude short trips to archives, libraries, specialist researchers and conferences elsewhere. Scholarship holders and fellows must be fluent enough in German to be able to participate in academic discussions.