International Conference on Middle Eastern Studies: New actors and issues in the post-Arab uprisings era

Країна: Турція

Місто: Istanbul

Тези до: 08.11.2014

Дати: 12.01.15 — 13.01.15

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Організатори: Istanbul Gedik University


The protests that started in December 2010 in Tunisia rapidly spread to other countries of the Middle East and North Africa. As a result of these uprisings, triggered by a search for dignity, welfare and liberty, the authoritarian leaders of Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen were successfully overthrown. In Syria, however, a complex civil war continues in which various ethnic, religious, regional and external actors have become involved. As for the other Middle Eastern state regimes, while some have been little influenced by these events, others have violently suppressed domestic insurgencies. No state, however, has remained unaffected by the wave of uprisings, as almost every country in the region has had to deal with issues such as human security, refugees, migration or ethnic/religious conflicts.

In the post-uprisings period, new actors, in particular Kurds and Islamist organizations, have become prominent. Kurds in Syria, having obtained some autonomy in the northern region of Syria called Rojava, have engaged in a war with the Islamic State, which has been expanding its control over territories in both Syria and Iraq by massacring Kurds, Christians and Shiites. These developments have also had an impact on the foreign policies of those regional and Western actors directly or indirectly engaged with issues and developments in the region. Within this new framework, the foreign policies of other countries towards the region have been questioned, which will probably pave the way for new alliances and create new conflicts regarding regional issues.

Based on this perspective, papers exploring the following issues are welcomed:

Ethnic and religious conflicts





Islamist movements and organizations

Political and social movements

Foreign policies towards the Middle East and North Africa

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