Країна: США

Місто: Denver

Тези до: 12.11.2015

Дати: 12.03.15 — 16.03.15

Область наук: Біологічні;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету: info@keystonesymposia.org

Організатори: Keystone Symposia on Molecular & Cellular Biology



The complexity of biological systems demands tools that enable temporally and spatially precise control of defined signaling pathways. Optogenetics is a new and rapidly evolving field that combines light control with genetic engineering, allowing conditional regulation of signaling processes with seconds and microns precision. Using optogenetic probes, the functions of specific molecules and pathways, the behaviors of individual cells, and the interactions of groups of cells in complex organisms can be precisely interrogated. This workshop seeks to bring together a broad range of researchers developing and using optogenetic probes with those developing related technologies. Specific goals are: 1) To present the latest innovative new genetically-encoded tools and technologies for manipulating biological systems with light. This will have immediate impact on biologists seeking to use the tools; 2) Promote exchange between those developing light-responsive probes and developers of related tools (e.g. biosensors, hardware) that will maximize the power of optogenetics. We will bring together groups of investigators that might not normally meet; and 3) Promote the exchange of ideas between optogenetic tool developers and users. This bidirectional feedback has occurred in the neurosciences but not more broadly across biology. No other meeting focuses on these three topics in this way, although the Janelia Farm meetings on optogenetics are an inspiration. We envision this meeting will facilitate the development and dissemination of a diversity of new optical tools, bring together a diverse but synergistic group of innovators and experimentalists, and ultimately open up new experimental avenues for study that will transform diverse fields.

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