International Conference on “ New Directions in Maritime Studies “ at OUCIP “New Directions in Indian Ocean Studies”

Країна: Індія

Місто: Hyderabad

Тези до: 10.11.2014

Дати: 26.02.15 — 28.02.15

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Організатори: Osmania University Centre


The  OUCIP Was established    to promote   innovative knowledge  and  discourses  and  to create   a community  of scholars  committed  to that  goal.

To that end  OUCIP  proposes  to organize  an  international  conference   on what  is  new   and  innovative    in Indian Ocean studies   in February  2015  at Hyderabad  India.

  With  increasing   concerns  for  environment, climate  change, natural calamities  and  bio diversity, shlars  across disciplines  are increasingly  moving  towards   Ocean Studies.  The Oceanic  turn  in sciences and  Humanities  suggest   how critical  this  turn  going   to be  in shaping  a new  world  order in 21st  century.

  The recent  upsurge   in Indian  Ocean Studies   is part  of  of  this  phenomenon. It  is   obvious  that Indian Ocean Studies  has  moved  beyond  its  traditional  ‘marginal studies’  to a global  discourse   involving  Sciences ,Social Sciences  and humanities.  A  growing  body  of  multi disciplinary  Studies  has  expanded  its  traditional  scope   and  has  brought   within  its  fold  fascinating   new  aspects  of   lives and  societies   within   the Indian ocean  region. This  new  knowledge  is  going   to  influence  both  policy   and  practice   in the entire  region   in the days   to come.

  The primary   objective  of  this   conference is to bring together  scholars   who are working  in this  field   to share  and  to  have a critical  look  at this  new  body  of  knowledge.

Scholars, researchers  and  students are  invited   to participate  by  submitting  their  proposals   by 10th  November 2014at  the following emails:

The scope  of  the conference   is open to  all disciplines  , but  expected  emphasis  is  on  the new  and  innovative,  even  in what  would  be  considered  traditional.

Some  of  the suggested   areas are:-

  -New research   in Maritime  History:Roots  and Routes

-The Indian Ocean  and India’s Regional  Histories.

-Science and technology

-  Power Dynamaics :Old and New

-Indian Ocean  : Myth ,Folklore and  Literature

_ Forms  of Culture, Cuisine and Arts 

_Indian Ocean and  Coastal  Communities

-Climate Change  Survival and Indian Ocean Heritage

- Indian  Ocean’s Contribution   to Science and technology.


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