Two Day National Seminar on Human Capital Formation: Issues and Challenges

Країна: Індія

Місто: Bangalore

Тези до: 15.12.2014

Дати: 06.02.15 — 07.02.15

Область наук: Соціологічні;

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Організатори: UGC


Theme and Scope Knowledge and skills embodied in human beings known as ‘Human capital’ play an important role in determining labor productivity, absorbing new knowledge, mastering new technologies and improving the earning capability of those who have little access to physical and financial resources. This happens along with investment in health, migration and information. These activities help in enlarging human choices thus promoting human development. Social scientists and policy makers now widely recognize that human capital is one of the foremost factors in augmenting growth of output as well as overall development of the society. Though there have been several efforts on the part of the Government and individuals to augment human capital formation, India still ranks 135 out of 187 countries in terms of human development index (HDI) which is among the 'medium development' countries of the world.  The country has observed high growth rates in the recent past but such growth rate is also accompanied by high inequality. A large section of the workforce is still engaged in agricultural activities that do not yield sufficient income .The issue is that lack of investment in education, skill and health has barred individuals from entering the labor market, migrating from one region or job to the other thus creating differences in labor supply across sectors and factor payments, thereby augmenting inequality. However this process of investment in human capital formation is beleaguered with several issues and challenges. These issues and challenges can be examined from a multi- disciplinary perspective.   Topics  Papers are invited in the broad themes of ‘Issues and challenges’ for the following topics but not limited to the sub themes 1. Access and equity in  higher education 2. Quality- design, delivery and evaluation in higher education  3. School education  4. Training for skill development  5. Education and employability 6. Health care 7. Migration  8. Reducing information asymmetry in human capital formation    Objectives of the conference  The objective of the present conference is to attract paper presentations from researchers, policy makers and activists in the field of human capital, to understand various issues in human capital formation, and the challenges related to its formation. It  would specifically focus on problems in access to education, training, health care services, migration, information  and access to financial services with respect to human capital formation.   Call for papers  We invite research papers from academia, students and industry experts to present their work in the broad area of Human Capital formation. Intending delegates are requested to send an abstract of around 1000 words.  Submission of paper by e-mail is preferred.  The abstract should include keywords, full address (es) and e-mail ID.  The abstracts will be pre-viewed by a committee of experts for the purpose of selection of papers for presentation.  Full paper should reach the conference Director on or before 04 January 2010. 

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