The University of Wyoming 4th Annual English Graduate Interdisciplinary Memory and Identity: The Brain is Wider than the sky

Країна: США

Місто: Laramie

Тези до: 01.01.2015

Дати: 27.03.15 — 29.03.15

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Організатори: University of Wyoming


A person's memory is everything, really. Memory is identity. –Stephen King, Duma Key


We all create our own perceptions of world. Through personal and social memory, we construct identity that fits our own unique needs. The University of Wyoming English Graduate Interdisciplinary 2015 Spring Conference, The Brain is Wider Than the Sky, invites papers focusing on the relationship between memory and identity.

The University of Wyoming encourages all applicants with compelling research regarding memory and identity. The conference seeks to consider the following questions:

  •         How does storytelling shape our memories and identity?
  •         How does memory intersect with the geographic?
  •         What do we mean when we say that whole societies “remember,” and what is meant   

           by a collective memory?

  •         How do memory and identity play into the dynamic of myth, legend and/or national identity?
  •         How does a societal or cultural memory work in conjunction, or in disconnection,

with first-person memory as identity?

How can contested memory influence identity

Memory and Identity within creativity


Possible paper topics include but are not limited to:

  • Memory and oblivion
  •  The forms of identity such as religious, ethnic, gendered, or digital
  • Competing histories and competing identities within the same person or society
  • Changes in memory/identity
  • Self, soul, and memory

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