The Psychology of Religion / The Religion of Psychology Conference

Країна: США

Місто: Chicago

Тези до: 05.01.2015

Дати: 06.03.15 — 06.03.15

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Організатори: University of Chicago


Both t o the discomfort and excitement of psychologists , scholars of religion, and religious practitioners, the overlap between the histories of psychology and religion is rather significant. Like philosophy, p sychology was once pegged, in the words of Frank E. Manuel, as the “newest handmaiden of true religion.” However, w ith the emergence of new experimental methods in the late nineteenth century and of psychoanalysis (an inherently anti - religious discipline, according to its founder) in the early twentieth, psychology attempted to distance itself from religion, though w ith mixed results. Although psychologists , psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals today understand their respective discipline s to have grown increasingly scientific and thus less “religious , ” the various ways in which psychology and religio n were interrelated in the twentieth and twenty - first centuries could be used to tell a different story.

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