City of Light: Paris 1900-1950

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Місто: London

Тези до: 20.01.2015

Дати: 27.05.15 — 29.05.15

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Організатори: Institut français du Royaume-Uni


Organised in conjunction with City of Light: Paris 1900-1950, the Philharmonia Orchestra’s major festival of French music, this conference is held in partnership with the Institut Français du Royaume-Uni and the Institute of Musical Research (IMR) and will explore the Parisian musical and artistic milieu in the period 1900-1950. For further information about the City of Light festival see The conference aims to investigate the music of the period as well as its interactions with the visual arts, literature and the dance while considering the socio-political history that drew leading creative artists of the age to Paris from across Europe and North America. Myriam Chimènes (Director of Research, CNRS) will be the keynote speaker.

Bringing together researchers interested in all aspects of musical and cultural life in the French capital, the conference committee welcomes proposals that may, but need not exclusively, relate to the following topics:


The place of popular culture in classical music, art and literature

Internationalism in Paris 1900-1950

Cosmopolitanism/Exoticism/ Eclecticism/Colonialism

Entente cordiale

Inter-art collaboration

Sacred-secular tension

The French flute, the French piano

Instruments and instrument makers

French musical life and education 1900-1950

Refugee artists

Exhibitions (especially 1931, 1937)

New concert spaces during the period

Music in the Parisian urban and social landscape

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