International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation 2015

Країна: США

Місто: Denver

Тези до: 30.01.2015

Дати: 04.06.15 — 05.06.15

Область наук: Філологічні;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: Qatar Computing Research Institute, University of Duisburg-Essen, Google



We are pleased to announce the following exciting tasks in SemEval-2015.

Due to the high number of tasks we have organized them into tracks. The tracks make explicit the connection between related tasks, and should make it easier for organizers to synchronize their task descriptions, datasets evaluation measures, and evauation setups, so that it is easier for participants to participate in more than one task from the same track.


    Text Similarity and Question Answering track

    Task 1: Paraphrase and Semantic Similarity in Twitter
    Task 2: Semantic Textual Similarity
    Task 3: Answer Selection in Community Question Answering

    Time and Space track

    Task 4: TimeLine: Cross-Document Event Ordering
    Task 5: QA TempEval
    Task 6: Clinical TempEval
    Task 7: Diachronic Text Evaluation
    Task 8: SpaceEval

    Sentiment track

    Task 9: CLIPEval Implicit Polarity of Events
    Task 10: Sentiment Analysis in Twitter
    Task 11: Sentiment Analysis of Figurative Language in Twitter
    Task 12: Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis

    Word Sense Disambiguation and Induction track

    Task 13: Multilingual All-Words Sense Disambiguation and Entity Linking
    Task 14: Analysis of Clinical Text
    Task 15: A CPA dictionary-entry-building task
    Task 16: Detecting Nocuous Ambiguity

    Learning Semantic Relations track

    Task 17: Taxonomy Extraction Evaluation
    Task 18: Semantic Dependency Parsing


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