31-е Седиментологическое совещание

Країна: Польща

Місто: Краков

Тези до: 28.02.2015

Дати: 22.06.15 — 25.06.15

Область наук: Геолого-мінералогічні;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету: ias2015@uj.edu.pl, renata.jach@uj.edu.pl

Організатори: IAS


Meeting Themes (T)
  • T1. Physical sedimentary processes
  • T2. Biotic sedimentary processes
  • T3. Chemical sedimentary processes and diagenesis
  • T4. Geochemical record of sedimentation
  • T5. Economic sedimentology
  • T6. Freshwater carbonates
  • T7. Alluvial, colluvial and lacustrine depositional systems
  • T8. Aeolian depositonal systems
  • T9. Glacial depositional systems
  • T10. Volcanic depositional systems
  • T11. Shallow-marine depositional systems
  • T12. Deep-marine depositional systems
  • T13. Carbonate platforms and reefs
  • T14. Cycles and rhythms in sedimentary record
  • T15. Sequence stratigraphy: eustatic vs. tectonic control on sedimentation
  • T16. Environmental sedimentology: challenges of global warming and geohazard prediction
  • T17. Sedimentary record of climate change
  • T18. Trace fossils and environmental analysis
  • T19. Remote sensing, imaging and numerical modelling in sedimentology
  • T20. Geophysics in sedimentology
  • T21. Research frontiers in sedimentology
Special Sessions (SS)

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  • SS1. Carbonate platforms: archives of global change
  • SS2. Sedimentology and geobiology of carbonate build-ups
  • SS3. Recent advances in vent carbonates and mud mounds
  • SS4. Carbonate coated grains!
  • SS5. Calcareous algae as facies indicators in carbonate platform environments
  • SS6. Hard and mobile substrates in palaeoecological dynamics
  • SS7. Triassic to Jurassic peritidal sedimention
  • SS8. Triassic to Jurassic depositional systems in the north-western Tethyan realm: a basinal perspective
  • SS9. Biotic versus abiotic processes in terrestrial sedimentary environments through time
  • SS10. Non-marine carbonates: a multidisciplinary approach
  • SS11. Diagenetic imprint on primary sedimentary features
  • SS12. Sedimentary record of cherty rocks in the Phanerozoic
  • SS13. Phanerozoic giant marine evaporite basins: from Zechstein to Mediterranean and in between
  • SS14. Processes and sedimentary successions in the fluvial-marine transition of estuaries
  • SS15. Advances in delta sedimentology and stratigraphy in ancient and modern settings
  • SS16. New insights into processes, architectures and geometries in basin-floor fans
  • SS17. Linking sedimentary processes and stratigraphy across scales in deep water systems: field, experimental and computational approaches
  • SS18. Heavy minerals in the sedimentary record
  • SS19. Trace fossils in palaeoenvironmental studies
  • SS20. Application of sedimentary records in coastal environments for natural hazard assessment
  • SS21. Sedimentary response of polar coastal and shallow marine environments to climate changes
  • SS22. The changeable greenhouse world: interpreting records of climate, sea level, biota, and biogeochemical cycles of the Cretaceous
  • SS23. Hominin evolution, tectonic basins and climate
  • SS24. Sedimentary archives of human development and anthropogenic contamination
  • SS25. From millennia to seasons ‒ environmental and climatic change recorded in lake sediments
  • SS26. Controlling factors on source rock quality and hydrocarbon generation during basin development – case studies from Europe
  • SS27. Geothermal energy from sedimentary deposits
  • SS28. Sedimentary hosted mineralization and placer deposits concerning to mineral deposits associated with sedimentary processes
  • SS29. At the cross-roads of sedimentology and geophysics
  • SS30. Magnetic susceptibility and Gamma Ray Spectrometry - applications in sedimentary geology
  • SS31. Hydrocarbon prospectivity of eastern Mediterranean

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