II Rit Vimarsh Conference on Gender and Violence

Країна: Індія

Місто: New Delhi

Тези до: 31.03.2015

Дати: 09.10.15 — 12.10.15

Е-мейл Оргкомітету: ritconferences@gmail.com

Організатори: Rit Foundation


Aims and Scope Gender and Violence Violence is a ubiquitous phenomenon. Indeed, in recent decades, it has been demonstrated as being far more ubiquitous than was earlier thought. Also, the question of gender and violence has been considered very differently over this period. Of course, nuanced understandings often evade public discourse, and remain limited to the academia. This conference seeks to explore the various facets of gender and violence that have emerged or are being studied in the social sciences and humanities, and bring together not only academics, but also social workers, activists, media-persons etc. The tentative subthemes are as follows: • Gender and the widening scope of ‘violence’ • Violence within the household • Gender, spaces and violence • Gender, violence and mass media • Language, gendered violence, and the gendering of violence • Gender and violence in pre- and early modern societies • Colonialism, violence and gender • Postcolonial discourse and gendered violence • Gender, violence and economic resources • Violence within the household and law • Sex and violence • Gender, violence and the victim • Gender, violence and the state Abstracts on any other relevant theme are also welcome.

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