Childhood: Exploitation and Danger The Childhood Project

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Місто: Oxford

Тези до: 03.04.2015

Дати: 24.07.15 — 26.07.15

Область наук: Педагогічні;

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This inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary conference project seeks to investigate and explore all aspects of childhood. Despite our tendency to view childhood as the time of innocence and ease, the reality can be quite different.  But cross-culturally and historically, childhood can be seen as the time of danger, exploitation, powerlessness, and fear.  Spanning first world through third world countries, a careful look at childhood reveals challenges and difficulties. In examining children through multiple and dialogic prisms (disciplinary, historical, cultural, social) we hope to promote deeper understandings of the challenges children face as well as the ways in which their experiences reveal marginalization and problematic treatment at the hands of both the adults charged with their care and their larger social settings. We encourage submissions on the nature of childhood, including, but not limited to the ones listed below.

This year’s main theme: Childhood: Exploitation and Danger

Child Sexuality and Gender Issues:
Issues around sexual abuse, consensual sex, rape, child fashions that sexualise, ethics of posting nude child photos on Facebook and social media, cultural practices that allow child brides, child development and sense of sexual identity, gender reassignment, legal frameworks,

Children as Perpetrators and Victims of Violence:
Bullying, school shootings, hazing, relationship between violent imagery and child perceptions of acceptable behaviour, clinical and therapeutic case studies, children’s perceptions of violence, children and the criminal justice system, ownership models of the adult/child relationship

Child Labour:
Legal frameworks, case studies of business models that rest on child labour and barriers to implementing non-exploitive alternatives, case studies of businesses that transitioned away from child labour, effects of child labour on workers, families and communities, how children relate to work

Children and War:
Effects of war on child psychology and general health, approaches to helping children cope with war and loss, children as combatants, children’s views of war and violence

Portrayals of the Dark Side of Childhood in the Arts and Media: 
In film, television, literature, videogames, graphic novels, photography, music, folk tales, etc., children and technology/ children and advertising

Social Efforts to Advocate for Children:
NGOs that work in the area of child welfare, Governmental agencies that work in the area of child protection

The Case For/Against Special Protection(s) for Children:
General perspectives on the legal, ethical, theological basis for children’s rights,” children with disabilities,

Children and Relationships:
The dynamics of children’s relationships with their family, peers, community and social institutions, the relationships children establish with animals and nature

Child/Adolescent Boundaries:
Drawing lines, changing responsibilities

The Steering Group welcomes the submission of proposals for short workshops, practitioner-based activities, performances, and pre-formed panels. We particularly welcome short film screenings; photographic essays; installations; interactive talks and alternative presentation styles that encourage engagement.

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