Golden Jubilee Chemistry Conference

Країна: Сингапур

Місто: Singapore

Тези до: 17.04.2015

Дати: 06.08.15 — 08.08.15

Область наук: Хімічні;

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Організатори: The Singapore National Institute of Chemistry (SNIC)


Singapore, a country with almost no natural resources except its people (5.47 m total population with 3.87 residents), is celebrating its 50th birthday on 9th Aug 2015.

The Singapore National Institute of Chemistry (SNIC) is delighted to host a commemorative golden jubilee conference to celebrate this historical occasion with our community as well as special friends, collaborators and global partners. We naturally want you to come and share our pride and joy.

It is nothing but remarkable to witness how 50 years can make a nation. Come to Singapore to witness the city-state now and then.

Today, chemistry in Singapore is No. 1 among all scientific fields (ISI Web of Knowledge Data in Sept 2014) in terms of citations (197,911 citations). Singapore is 5th in the world ranking of chemistry in terms of citations per paper (17.76 citations per paper among 11,143 papers).

The latest QS ranking puts the National University of Singapore top in Asia and 22nd in the world, and the Nanyang Technological University at 39th and being one of the only two universities below 50 years to be in the world’s top 40.

Students from Singapore (and Korea) top the OECD’s first PISA creative problem-solving test taken by 85,000 students from 44 countries. There were 291 students from 75 countries in the 46th International Chemistry Olympiad (Hanoi in July 2014). The top performer (1st) came from Singapore. (The 4th was also from Singapore)

In GDP per capita, a common measure of the wealth of the nation, Singapore was ranked 8th by IMF, 12th by World Bank and 13th by UN in 2013. In all these rankings, Singapore is above giants likes USA, UK and Japan. Today, the energy & chemical industry is the biggest contributor (38.6% in 2008) to Singapore’s manufacturing industry, and value-added S$4.9 b. The GERD (Gross Expenditure on R&D) in terms of GDP was 2.26% (2011)

How did we achieve these? What is next?

In this conference, we heartily welcome EVERYONE who has worked with us in any form in the past 50 years and use this occasion to thank you for your partnership and contributions. We also take this opportunity to look for new collaborative projects amidst emerging opportunities.

This conference is not just a celebratory function, but one that brings all our collaborators and stakeholders together to connect, communicate, and collaborate. This is the ideal platform to review the current projects and seek for new partnership.

The UNESCO Science Report 2010 states that “…the rapid, meteoric rise of Singapore’s scientific capacity… Singapore is one of the few countries in the region with a net inflow of scientific personnel, both from the region and from other scientifically advanced economies. There is growing evidence that Singapore is becoming central to global knowledge hubs in fields such as biomedical science… the growing presence of Singapore in global science is not simply a localized phenomenon but also carries wider implications for scientific collaboration across regional economies”

While we toast the champagne in our 50th birthday, can we invite you to join us to embark on the journey towards the next 50 years of productive partnership?

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