Parenthood and Childhood in the Middle Ages

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Місто: Edinburgh

Тези до: 12.04.2015

Дати: 08.10.15 — 09.10.15

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Організатори: University of Edinburgh


In recent years, scholars from across the Humanities have employed gender as an analytical tool for exploring the daily lives and experiences of the inhabitants of the medieval world. Family life and the home have proved particularly fruitful subjects for analysis, with an ever-growing body of literature exploring the ways in which various femininities and masculinities were shaped by familial relationships. Academic literature on the subject has invited a reassessment of the roles of men, women and children by considering the various representations of mothers, fathers, sons and daughters in textual, visual and material evidence. These approaches have drawn attention to the formation and enactment of social interactions, highlighting the ways in which familial relationships impacted upon wider interactions and the more formal structures of medieval society.

The aim of this two-day conference is to bring together scholars from across the Humanities, whose work engages with any aspect of ‘parenthood’ or ‘childhood’ in the medieval period. We particularly encourage applications from postgraduate students and early career researchers. The confirmed keynote speakers are Dr. Rachel Moss (University of Oxford) and Dr. Sarah Dunnigan (University of Edinburgh).

Paper topics might consider but will not be limited to the following themes:

-          The spaces and objects of medieval family life

-          Discipline and Disobedience

-          Pregnancy and Childbirth

-          Foster Parents, Wards, Godparents and Adoption

-          Education

-          Discord and Harmony

-          Holy and secular families

-          Belonging and Exclusion

-          Legal Disputes and Inheritance

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