Workshop on Privacy Enhancing Technologies and Security Solutions for the Smart Grid User Domain

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Місто: Salzburg

Тези до: 01.07.2015

Дати: 21.09.15 — 22.09.15

Область наук: Технічні;

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Організатори: EURASIP Journal on Information Security


The PRETSELS workshop is paired with the EURASIP Journal on Information
Security Special Issue on Practicable Privacy Enhancing Technologies and
Security Solutions for the Smart Grid User Domain in the EURASIP Journal
on Information Security (see Special Issue CfP at

All accepted journal papers are eligible to be presented at the workshop
(and registration fee is waived for the presenting author). The three
special issue papers with the best review ratings will be eligible to a
grant, i.e., their open access fees will be paid, and their respective
presenting author receives a travel grant (for details, please see
It is also possible to submit position papers (independent of the
special issue) to the workshop. These should be 4-6 pages (same format
as special issue) and should present discussion points for the workshop.

Intelligent energy networks, often termed "Smart Grids", introduce
information and communication technologies in traditional energy grids,
to enable the collection of fine-grained monitoring data and to provide
bi-directional communication. This enables a variety of new use-cases,
such as the widespread integration of renewable energy sources, smart
charging of electric vehicles, demand response management, real-time
energy pricing and smart home (energy) management. However, the
fine-grained, and sometimes personal data made available in this way has
led to privacy concerns and the possibility of controlling in-home
appliances remotely has led to security concerns. A large number of
recent contributions propose the use of privacy-enhancing technologies
(PETs) and applied cryptography, such as secure signal processing,
aggregation through homomorphic encryption, or differential privacy, to
address these concerns and to strike a balance between the functionality
needed in smart grids and the consumer requirements for security and
privacy. However, apart from off-the-shelf security methods and simple
anonymization and pseudonymization for privacy, none of these
technologies has been widely adopted for real world use yet.

PRETSELS seeks paper submissions from academia, industry, and government
institutions presenting novel research on all theoretical and practical
aspects of smart grid security and privacy, including design, analysis,
experimentation, and fielded systems. We particularly invite
contributions that deal with deploying PETs and security methods in the
real world or suggest new method that achieve real-world applicability,
including acceptance through the consumer.

Topics include, but are not limited to:
- Data protection and privacy
- Trust and assurance
- Risk and threat analysis
- Cloud computing and smart grids
- Privacy-preserving Smart Metering
- Privacy and Security for Consumer Energy Management Systems (CEMS) and
Smart Homes
- Privacy Enhancing Technologies for Electric Mobility
- Usable Security and User Acceptance of Security Methods in the Smart
Grid User Domain
- Privacy and Security in Demand Response Management and other Smart
Grid Use Cases

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