The Third Conference on Sustainable Business, Energy and Development in Asia - COSDA 2015

Країна: Японія

Місто: Fukuoka

Тези до: 14.08.2015

Дати: 04.11.15 — 06.11.15

Область наук: Економічні;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: PRESDA


Welcome to Fukuoka City, which, according to Newsweek Magazine, is regarded as one of the World’s 10 Most Dynamic Cities. Most recently,  the international renowned Monocole Magazine included Fukuoka in its list of the 10 most liveable cities in the world. In fact, in this year’s summer edition, the City was named as the 14th most livable city in the world, ranking higher than other great cosmopolitan and metropolitan locales like Hong Kong, Singapore and Paris. MONOCLE introduced Fukuoka as “a model of urban renewal” and “a tourism dynamo”, referring to its City Hall’s unique initiatives which includes a provision for making Internet access much wider via its Fukuoka Free Public WIFI Service. In addition, there has also been the recent renewal of Ohori Central Park and forming a economic cooperative relationship with its sister city of Busan, Korea.

COSDA 2015 Welcome

Today’s rapidly globalizing world has spawned dynamic changes from rising affluence and urban migration to heavy demands put on our finite resources and the environment.  The breakneck pace of development and consumption of modern society is an unsustainable course that threatens our ecosystem and future.  As humanity is the root of the problem, it is only reasonable that we are part of the solution.  Our response today focuses on sustainability, i.e., a balanced approach to economic activity, environmental responsibility and social progress. However, it is social responsibility that provides the cohesive framework for which the equilibrium between economic growth and the well-being of society and the environment can be maintained, where profit and self-interest alone do not dictate policy or one’s daily actions.  Accordingly, modern society demands both individual and corporate social responsibility for optimal impact, whereby all participants serve as conscientious leaders and role models to better their community, nation and the world.

Guided by this insight, the United Nations launched the UN Global Compact in 2000, an ethical paradigm for businesses that integrates human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption as well as other universal values like the Millennium Development Goals.  This model, coupled with sustainability, inspires and challenges organizations to be profitable while minimizing their negative environmental impact and following societal expectations.

We believe that social responsibility has its roots in the individual and expands to business communities, impacting both local and global communities on all levels.  As a result, together we must forge a path that integrates social and environmental concerns in our daily routines and business practices.

COSDA 2015, to be held in Fukuoka, Japan, is an international conference that offers a platform for scholarly and applied conversations among a wide variety of stakeholders concerned with the continual challenge of advancing the global sustainability agenda: people, planet, and growth.

As the fields of social responsibility, sustainable development and sustainable business cross over into multiple areas and disciplines, authors are welcome to submit from a range of topics, perspectives, and disciplines. The range of research submissions may include conceptual, empirical, experimental, and case studies. With the theme of Local Solutions to Global Problems the conference will promote a critical understanding of the innovative and organic approaches concerning business, energy and development toward sustainability.

This is an international, peer-reviewed conference. Full papers are welcome, but not required. Registered participants with an accepted abstract and/or refereed full paper will be published in the proceedings (ISSN 2188-6881). We invite abstract submissions of 250 words to be submitted through our online system on the following themes:

    Climate Change and Sustainability
    Corporate Social Responsibility
    Energy, Water and Environment
    National and International Law
    Science & Technology of Sustainability
    Sustainable Agriculture and Fishing
    Sustainable Business, Production and Consumption
    Sustainable Development and Global Governance
    Sustainable, Alternative and Renewable Energy
    Sustainable Tourism, Ecotourism and Geotourism
    Urban and Rural Sustainability and Resilience
    Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
    Other Areas (Please Specify)

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