International Conference on Vibroengineering

Країна: Китай

Місто: Nanjing

Тези до: 28.08.2015

Дати: 26.09.15 — 28.09.15

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: JVE International


International conference will be held during 26-28th of September, 2015 in Nanjing, China. Its purpose is to provide a platform for scientists, engineers and practitioners throughout the world to exchange ideas and present their latest research results in the areas of civil infrastructure, typically bridge engineering, hydraulic engineering, offshore engineering, and transportation structures, in order to further promote the Vibroengineering and its applications. The Conference is organized by JVE International in partnership with Central Lab of Mechanics and Material at Hohai University and is supported by Beihang Aerospace Department and Zhejiang University. It is sponsored by Committee of Structural Control and Monitoring, Chinese Society for Vibration Engineering.

The main theme of the conference will be – but not limited to - Vibration Theories, Approaches and Technologies in Infrastructure Engineering.

Internationally renowned invited speakers and contributing authors from all over the world will present the latest advances in the thriving area of Vibroengineering. This conference will feature a broad range of high-level technical papers from all over the world. Invited distinguished experts will present brilliant presentations for our technical sessions and discussions with a focus on the conference theme. The conference will provide you with an opportunity to communicate with other scientists and engineers about recent research advances, and exchange ideas in innovative science and technologies, meet old friends and make new business partners in the areas of civil infrastructure, typically bridge engineering, hydraulic engineering, offshore engineering, and transportation structures.

With your participation, this conference will prove to be a very exciting event, a fruitful opportunity, to promote scientific research and technological development of vibroengineering and its application to the bridge engineering, hydraulic engineering, offshore engineering, and transportation industries.


 Modelling & Simulation in Vibroengineering

    Analytical, computational and experimental methods for Vibration Analysis
    Numerical and experimental modeling for Acoustics
    Vibrations of continuous and discrete multibody systems
    Multiscale vibration simulation
    Elastic wave generation and control.

Measurement & Signal Processing

    Spectral analysis
    Full–field vibration/acoustic measurements
    Noncontact vibration measurement
    Multiscale signal analysis
    Ambient vibration testing
    Multidimensional Signal Processing

Nonlinear Vibration & Dynamics

    Nonlinear vibration problems
    Chaos and bifurcations
    Nonlinear modes and manifolds
    Deterministic and random vibrations

Diagnostics, Monitoring & Assessment

    Vibration damage diagnosis
    Wave propagation monitoring
    Structural performance assessment
    Fatigue analysis and diagnostics
    Damage feature extraction

 Vibration Coupling & Interaction

    Fluid-solid interaction
    Structure-acoustics coupling
    Flow induced noise and vibration

Modal Analysis & Identification

    Dynamic system identification
    Experimental modal analysis
    Operational modal analysis
    Moving/impact load identification

Noise & Uncertainty & Control

    Active control of vibration
    Passive control of vibration
    Vibration suppression and isolation
    Noise analysis and control
    Reliability and robustness

 Biomedical Vibration Engineering

    Vibrations in Biomedical and Biomechanical Engineering
    Accoustics and Ultrasonics in Biomedical Engineering
    Whole-Body and Hand-Arm Vibration Assesment
    Vibrations and Oscilations in Sports Engineering

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